Gender: Male
Age: 45
Town: Lincoln
Country: United Kingdom
Smoker: no
Children: i do but they don't live with me
Hair Colour: blonde
Build: medium
Height: 5'6"-5'8"
Ethnic Origin: white/caucasian
Relationship: single
Looking for: both friendship and dating
Service: find out why.
Rank: find out why.
On deployment: find out why.

FREE TO A GOOD HOME One slightly warped sense of humour attached to a 1975 vintage male of average build. A few not-so-careful previous owners. Has a tendancy to disappear at short notice. Can sometimes be found indulging in geeky hobbies, but just as likely to be found on the sofa in front of the telly or computer. Comes with 1996 vintage female, fortunately this is an optional extra these days! Apply within ...

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