Gender: Female
Age: 33
Town: Neath
Country: United Kingdom
Smoker: no
Children: 3
Hair Colour: multi coloured
Build: unspecified
Height: 5'0"-5'2"
Ethnic Origin: white/caucasian
Relationship: single
Looking for: just friendship
Service: Civilian

Hey, not sure IF anyone reads these any more but hey, I'm Kristy thanks for stopping by. I am heavily tattooed and plan on more. 70 Big into my ice hockey, and ice skating. Usually found at the ice rink watching the ice hockey, ice skating, playing ice hockey (well trying to) with the all women's team in Wales, or working, all of the above usually. If I view you, hug you or flirt with you, do not worry, that's not me saying I want to bed you or blind date marry you, it's a way of saying hey. I'm a friendly person who's been on here a good while now. I'm not on here to mess anyone around, it's not who I am, I'm only on here for friendship, nothing personal just not looking for anything else off here. I'm straight to the point,honest,caring and loyal to the core kind of person. I'll chat to anyone regardless of relationship status, it is a penpals site after all. If you have got this far thanks for reading. Stay safe where ever you may be and if you want a actual penpal hit me up.

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