Gender: Female
Age: 40
Town: Holt
Country: United Kingdom
Smoker: no
Children: none
Hair Colour: dark brown
Build: slight
Height: 5'3"-5'5"
Ethnic Origin: white/caucasian
Relationship: unspecified
Looking for: both friendship and dating
Service: Civilian

Time for a bit of an update I think... (This bit is based on the last 7 days of messages received, so let’s find out how it’s gone...) Like lots of people, for me this year has been tough on the social life, and I’d like to have a few new people to talk to! I am absolutely a workaholic and now I can’t even stop in the pub after work, I feel I haven’t spoken to anyone new in months ?? I am currently in a non monogamous relationship, and yes - he does know I’m on here. I’m open to meeting men or women to chat to, just as long as they’re interesting, decent people. A sense of humour will be necessary I’m afraid. I’m self employed and possibly the worlds worst shopkeeper, but as it’s my shop I have to keep turning up. I’m creative and that part of the job is what I get up for each day. I am very relaxed and I like down to earth people. Random stuff you might want to know: I look after myself and keep healthy, but also have the capacity for great laziness. I have a very immature sense of humour, but I will talk endlessly on serious subject that spark my imagination I am an artist and occasionally drift off into the whimsical, so don’t take everything I say too seriously. I watch far too many true crime documentaries I’m highly suspicious of everyone on the internet because of it. It’s never a mannequin. I won’t respond to one word messages (unless your profile is practically God like). Give me something to work with and I’ll do my best to respond with something worth reading. Even if we meet, date, elope, move to a dessert island- don’t try to FaceTime me - I won’t answer. Please don’t ask to see more photos of our entire conversation has consisted of ‘Hi how’s ur day’, ‘Good thanks, how’s yours’ . Make me interested in you, and I might oblige, but I am gonna require a little effort.... soz. If you just want pictures of ladies on the internet, try google...

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